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Why Use Cloth?

     Cloth diapers are economical and can save a household considerably compared to disposable diapers. If you are diapering more than one child, constantly purchasing disposable diapers can cost a small fortune. Cloth diapers do not contain gel, perfume or other chemicals that your typical disposables do. No long-term studies have been done to test the safety of these chemicals against our babies sensitive parts. Some disposable diapers ARE made chemical and gel free but they cost even more than regular disposables. Also, cloth diapers are less likely to cause a diaper rash which will certainly make for a happy baby.

     Cloth diapers are friendly to the environment. Disposable diapers simply end up in landfills along with the chemicals and bacteria that is trapped inside them. Cloth diapers can be re-used by your next child and many moms sell their used diapers online when their child outgrows them.

     Cloth diapers can be so much more attractive than those boring old white disposables. Gone are the days where a mom has to be concerned with not poking her child with a safey pin while wrestling him or her down to change their diaper. Fitted cloth diapers can be even easier to change than a disposable and the colors and patterns that can be found on them are endless. Babies look so adorable in cloth diapers! And cloth diapers are also much easier to wash and dry than you would think!

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